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Hey there!

I’m Tayne Griffin, a mom of two incredible kiddos, wife to my best friend-turned husband, dreamer, wine lover and co-founder of Her Soul Story. Watching my own Soul Story unfold in the form of this business, where we honor the greatness within women, share their inspiring stories with the world and teach the mindsets that open the door to our full potential, has been nothing short of remarkable. But, my life didn’t always feel this good.

I spent 10 years grinding through corporate life. I went out on my own to start a new business and watched it fail miserably. And then, my husband and I welcomed our first child into the world and 4 months later found ourselves evicted from our home, living in a friend’s guest bedroom with our three dogs and newborn baby.

During that time, the biggest fight I had every day was with my own mind. If I was going to come out of this thing alive and with any sanity left, I had to learn to shift my perspective and approach to every decision and encounter with a chosen mindset. One that made me feel in control, positive and empowered. And as someone who has suffered from depression and anxiety, this was asking A LOT from myself. But, I believed I could do it and I did.

I have spent everyday since, working on this skill. And yes, it’s a skill. Anyone can learn to shift they way they think about things. On this journey I continue to have the privilege of hearing the stories of women from around the world, what they have been through and how they shifted their thoughts and perspectives to get through to the other side.

I live each day knowing that I experience life the way I choose to experience it. What a gift. If this way of living is possible for me, it’s absolutely possible for you and if you want to know how to do it, I want to teach you. You have greatness within you, it’s time to let it shine.

With much love and great gratitude,

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