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Introducing: Her Soul Circle

A community of like-minded women focused on growth, empowerment, and stepping into our fullest potential.

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Are you longing for connection to other women who understand what you are going through? Have you been searching for a community of women who strive to empower each other, while achieving their fullest potential?

Maybe you’re just tired of going it alone.


Come connect with us, learn with us, grow and make a difference in the world with us.

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I'm Tayne.

The thing is, for years I knew that there was something missing from my life. Even as I was living in a ‘successful career,’ many would have thought I had everything I needed.

We all need a community that we can feel safe in. One that we can feel like we are able to connect with others in a real way, and safely learn the truth about our inner selves so we can take the steps to become our best selves.

If you’re ready to join the community of women who live to empower themselves and each other, learn the habits and mindsets that truly serve you and help you improve your personal relationships, solidify your vision in life, and help you get the best foundation to fight through tough battles, join Her Soul Circle today.

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Your Membership Includes...


INSTANT access to a wealth of training sessions from Tayne, the co-founder of Her Soul Story focused on mindset and how every transformation is just a shift in perspective away.


Access to our private Soul Circle Community Group, led by Tayne every month, to support your transformation conversation around the mindset topic of the month.


Multiple, live workshops each year, presented by women who are experts in their field. These women are committed to sharing their soul stories of transformation so that you might experience your own.

Perks of Being a Member

  1. INSTANT access to a wealth of training sessions from me, Tayne Griffin, the co-founder of Her Soul Story and other amazing women who are experts in their field. The training sessions continue to increase in depth and connection each and every month ($97 Value)
  2. One online training session on MINDSET from Tayne to help you find clarity and take action in your own life. (Keep learning and growing on your own schedule. A $197 value)
  3. Multiple, live workshops each year, presented by women who are experts in their field. These women are committed to sharing their soul stories of transformation so that you might experience your own. (Be surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to take their lives to the next level! A $297 value)
  4. Access to our private Soul Circle Online Community, led by Tayne every month, to support your transformation conversation around the mindset topic of the month.
    Attend all local Speaker Series events for free (A $179 value)
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Member Discounts on all Her Soul Story retreats and workshops. (Hundreds of dollars in savings)

Member Discounts on ALL Her Soul Story products and Gear. 

FREE admission to our flagship event, Her Soul Story LIVE.

"Her soul story retreat exceeded all my expectations! It was the perfect weekend to dig deep into who I am and what I believe about myself. Through the amazing coaching, I was guided to discover my best version of myself. The best part is I’ve been able to put into practice everything I’ve learned and within the first week back home I’ve seen improvement in work and home life! Thank you ladies!"


"What a blessing it has been to join a circle of soul sisters who truly desire to support, encourage, learn from, and "do the work" together! One of things that I love about Her Soul Story is that you can get involved in a variety of ways - by listening to their podcast, attending live events, joining the monthly training series, or all of the above! Their online forum has given me a chance to continue to discover my limiting beliefs and to declare the big dreams I have for my life! Look forward to continuing to share my story and hearing the stories of others as we step forward TOGETHER on this journey we call life!"


"This was the deep dive that I have been needing into my patterns and habits that are no longer serving me. The care and compassion created in the space made it safe for me to explore these parts of myself and receive feedback and encouragement from Tayne, Nicole, and the other participants. The was such an incredibly valuable use of my time and energy!"


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Access to Her Soul Circle Training Library

Private Soul Circle Online Community

One Online Training Session per Month

Live Workshops and Events

+ 1 Free Month Of Membership

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Private Soul Circle Online Community

One Online Training Session per Month

Live Workshops and Events

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can! For the rest of 2019, all Her Soul Circle members get to attend the Speaker Series events as well as our annual Her Soul Story LIVE event for free. Being a part of our community means so much to us, we want you involved as much as possible.

We so wish you lived here! While we are diligently working on finding better ways to record and send out footage of our events, it’s just not a streamlined experience yet. We promise to keep working on it. We hope our mindset trainings, private community where you receive any personal coaching you ask for and discounts on other courses and gear are making your $27 per month investment feel worth it.

You bet! Our private facebook group is where I check in with you weekly. I will absolutely answer your questions and cheer you on as you walk this journey. I’ve been coaching for a long time now and have been privileged to work with some amazing people along the way. I’m not just a coach, I’m a constant student. I spend my time making sure I offer you the best I can by learning the most I can from my own experiences and from others.

Yes, of course. While we never want to see you go, there is no penalty for cancelling. We bill you on the first of every month so as long as you cancel prior to the first, you will not be charged.


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