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Let’s Dive
a Little Deeper

Our community is always a safe space for full self-expression. Gossip, meanness or constant complaining are never tolerated. This is a place of inspiration, kindness and possibility. Leave your judgments at the door or please do not come in.

On a Mission

To curate, share, and celebrate the soul stories of women who’ve been quiet for far too long. 

Our Vision

To sustain a global story-sharing platform that makes a genuine, lasting impact on the lives of women and the world around them. 




Discovery is where the magic happens

We believe meaningful transformation comes from getting real, raw, and vulnerable. Thrive in a supportive community of powerful women who have come together to evolve their hearts, shift their minds, and actualize their visions of greatness.




The gift of empowerment comes from within

We are empowered because we give ourselves permission to be. We use our voices to share our stories and honor the greatness in women, showing that all of us are always just one choice away from being truly empowered.




Together we are a movement

We’re not here to judge your social status, your past, your bank account, or your fancy things. The female lead in this story has no shape, color, form, or background. We’re here to shine a light on your soul and marvel at the gifts it yields. All are welcome.




You deserve to be celebrated

We are inspired on the daily by the women of this world. We cheer as you share your stories, reveal your truths, lift one another up, and stand in your power. We hear you, we see you, we are you.

Meet The Founder

Tayne Griffin

When I realized I could change my whole life simply by changing my mindset, I became committed to showing other women how to do the same thing. You have greatness inside of you. My mission is to help you see it, honor it and share it with the world. 

Read Tayne's Letter

Our Manifesto

My mind and heart are open and ready to think big.

I acknowledge the greatness inside me and believe in the value I can contribute to the world.

I believe in creative solutions.

I live each day with purpose and gratitude.

I honor and love myself because I am committed to leading by example and my deepest desire is for all girls and women to honor and love themselves.

I accept my imperfections as gifts because they are what makes me capable of relating to the struggles of others.

I believe I am more than enough and am excited to see all I can do and experience in this lifetime.

I forgive myself and others with ease and compassion.

I believe we rise by lifting others.

I give regardless of receiving.

I know hard days are part of the journey and I embrace them.

I believe the only failure is giving up, the rest is just experimentation.

When fear knocks, I let courage answer the door.

I believe every day is a chance to begin again.

Individually we are powerful, together we are a movement.

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